Why is parental engagement important?

The Australian Parents Council in collaboration with its State and Territory affiliates, invite you to join the #parentech conversation – parenting in the digital age.

The #parentech campaign is led by the Australian Parents Council, co-created by edii and is a campaign for every Australian parent. Our plan is to ignite a national conversation that brings together parents and organizations throughout Australia to discuss the challenges and opportunities of raising children in a world full of rapidly evolving technology.

Throughout the campaign, we will develop our collective understanding of the issues and help deliver tangible, usable parent engagement strategies and solutions. More about the campaign can be found on www.parentech.com.au which kicks off today!   

At no time in history has technology changed so quickly and been adopted so universally as it has in the past 30 years. We now experience an unprecedented level of connectivity, at our fingertips, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The modern world our children are growing up in is new to us and is full of new possibilities, distractions, and threats.  Pre-technology boundaries between home and school are near extinct, and many of the old parenting challenges are made new and even more complex, as we struggle to come to grips with this brave new world we are raising our kids in.

We know technology offers enormous educational potential, but navigating ways to both keep our kids safe and empowered to learn can be tricky, confusing and time-consuming.  Yet it has never been more important as parents that we get this right!

To get started jump online to www.parentech.com.au and have your school/organization become a supporter of the #parentech conversation and ‘like’ the #parentech facebook page to receive regular updates and news that can be shared with your networks and school communities.Please see below for the many ways parents and organizations can continue to be involved in the campaign.

We very much hope you are able to join the #parentech conversation – parenting in the digital age, a valuable opportunity for all Australian parents to connect with what we want and need so our children are safe and empowered in the digital world.

 It’s time we talked… Join the conversation today – #parentech – parenting in the digital age!


Shelley Hill, President, Australian Parents Council


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