WORLD TEACHERS DAY   Friday 27th October 2017 (Australia)

Can you think of a time where a teacher’s influence was a turning point in your own life?

My favourite teacher was Miss Leeton in Kindy and Year 1. I can’t even tell you what made her so special, but I can tell you that I was inspired to do my absolute best for her. What a positive start to schooling life to be so inspired from the beginning. How could you possibly measure the full value of that early influence?

We all have experienced a teacher that stands out. A teacher who was unique and special.

Perhaps a teacher identified your skills in music, encouraged your interest in English, discovered your talent for art or were so passionate about maths that you found their enthusiasm contagious.

Often the interactions, guidance and support from a particular teacher, can have a profound effect on how you think of yourself and the avenues you pursue in life.

The efforts of your child’s teacher are not always immediately evident. Sometimes it is only as an adult that we reflect and appreciate a past teachers impact on our life.

In support of world teacher day, we urge you to take a moment to thank your child’s teacher, for all that they do for their students.

APFACTS would also like to say thank you to our teachers who each and every day, support our children, helping them to learn, to grow and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.

We value you and what you do.

Thank you


Volunteering in Schools ACT – Survey (23.10.201)

We were very excited to launch our collaborative project on Volunteering in Schools on Tuesday (15.08.2017). We have enjoyed working on this shared project with P&C Council, Canberra Preschool Society, APFACTS & Volunteering and Contact ACT.

This survey will provide us with a unique picture into Volunteering within the Education sector. This is the first time we have conducted a survey of this kind, that looks at the common issues in all our schools be they independent, public, preschool, high school and Catholic systemic schools. A whole picture view of the status of Volunteering in Education will provide us with substantial information and feedback.

We encourage you to share this survey throughout your school community.

We’d like to hear from you even if you don’t volunteer! We need to get both sides of the story.
We will continue to work collaboratively to create a set of resources and tip sheets designed to help schools attract volunteers and to help schools to build a strong volunteering culture.

Survey is now closed. w


School Traffic Safety Forum. (27.07.17)

APFACTS represented members last week as Minister Meegan Fitzharris and Minister Shane Rattenbury held a forum to discuss the implementation of Road Crossing Supervisors in schools.

The chair asked for feedback and discussion on selection criteria (as not all schools can be funded initially) and possible implementation models for the program.