School Funding 2017

School Funding 2017

(Updated 23.6.2017)

School funding is complex and it is important that we get correct details before making any comment about how the new model will affect parents of children attending independent schools.

APFACTS’ Executive committee have decided to take the following approach.

1) We will share credible school funding information with you on our website, via regular posts on Facebook and via email.

2)As such we will provide you with some links to reliable sources of information.


Independent Schools and Gonski 2 ISCA

This is a clear, accurate and succinct explanation of the changes made to school funding. (23.06.2017)

Transition to new school funding model critical AISACT

Media Release from AISACT on the new School Funding legislation. (23.06.2017)



Snapshot 2017

Independent Schools at a Glance

Media Release 22 Jun 2017 – Independent schools support the passage of funding reforms

ACT Independent Schools at a Glance 2017

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