e-safety presentation @ Edutech

The Australian Parents Council presented a parent engagement session at the recent Edutech conference in Sydney. One of the presenters was Kellie Britnell from the office of the e-safety commissioner. She was a fabulous and engaging presenter who spoke about how to keep our children safe online and how the office can assit you in keeping your children safe.

The good news is that 71% of children will seek help from a family member if they need it! Even better than that 51% of children will block bully’s or close an account if it becomes an issue.

Kellie discussed how the e-safety office is moving away from calling it “revenge porn” and is referring to it as image based abuse.

If you have experience this type of abuse the link below is the best way to report it. The office will also work to have the images removed from the internet. The page also contains links to support.


Kellie also spoke about the amazing resources they have for parents. The iparent website is a treasure trove of valueable information. I encourage you to check it out before you need it. Add the link to your favourites and refe to it often!





The most important point I got from the presentation was the help that the e-safety office can offer parents and children! There is evidence to suggest that if parents are savvy with their privacy online children will be too.


They strongly encourage you to report cyberbullying. They encorage reporting of all offensive content. And most importnatly they can assist you in having content removed.



Lastly, they left us with avenues for assitance.

Kidshelpline is always there to help. 1800 55 1800

eheadspace. www.eheadspace.com.au

And lastly a reminder that the e-safety office is always there to help. Give them a like on facebook