APFACTS is proud of the strong representation it has provided on behalf of its members on varied issues both directly and through representative forums for over 30 years.

APFACTS has been invited to join a range of committees at different times and is regarded as a trusted and valued member. With a consultative approach, APFACTS is able to bring the views of its members and the non-government sector to the fore.

APFACTS provides representation on the following Boards and Committees:

  • The Australian Parents Council (APC) – The APC is the national federation of organisations representing parents of students attending non-government schools. APFACTS has been a strong partner and contributor for many years.
  • Kids Matters, Mind Matters Well-being reference group – APFACTS  is a member of the Kids Matters, Mind Matters reference group.
  • The Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) – The BSSS is the primary body responsible for curriculum and assessment of students in years 11 and 12. APFACTS has been a member of this body since its inception. APFACTS was a key member of the Curriculum Renewal Advisory Committee when the ACT Government undertook a renewal of the ACT K-10 curriculum, and furthermore was asked to be a member of the Curriculum Renewal Taskforce for over three years. This is also a statutory appointment.
  • ACT Australian Early Childhood Development Index Coordinating Committee as part of the Early Childhood Development Working Group.
  • The ACT Block Grant Authority (BGA) – The BGA is the organisation that provides the large bulk of capital funding for non-government schools.
  • The Association of Independent Schools of the ACT (AIS) – The AIS represents all seventeen independent schools in the ACT. APFACTS attends these meetings alongside member schools.

Various Committees of the ACT Department of Education including:

  • ACT Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG)
  • ACT Schools Animal Ethics Committee (SAEC)
  • ACT School Sport Management Committee (SSMC)
  • Parent Engagement Consultative Committee for ACT Government pilot project (ARACY)
  • PE Pulse
  • Preschool Matters Consultative Committee (PMCC)
  • The ACT Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • The School Transport Liaison Committee
  • School Education Advisory Committee – Digital Citizenship (SEAC)
  • Safe Schools Roundtable – The purpose of this Roundtable is to facilitate discussion in a cross sectoral forum on how best to promote a safe school environment for all our students in the ACT.


APFACTS also engages with the Catholic Education Commission and Catholic Education Office of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn and also represents its members on various short term, specific purpose consultation groups.

Here is a  list of acronyms that you may find helpful. 2017 Apfacts ACRONYMS